The Regional Plan of Conservation & Development

The Regional Plan of Conservation & Development (the Regional Plan) is a region's guiding document, design and prepared to work along side the State Plan of Conservation & Development and municipal PoCDs. Required by Section 8-35a of the Connecticut General Statutes, this Plan is the first produced by the Lower Connecticut River Valley Council of Governments following its formation from the merging of the Mid-State Regional Planning Agency and the Connecticut River Estuary Regional Planning Agency in 2012. Like municipal Plans, the regional Plan must be updated every ten (10) years. This page will include updates of the Plan and information regarding the work going into its production. Also included with be information on the numerous outreach sessions that will be held during the next year.

The board of the RiverCOG, comprised of the seventeen chief elected officials/town managers of the member towns, established its planning "arm", which is identified as the Regional Planning Committee. The RPC, chaired by Durham Planning & Zoning Chairman Frank DeFelice, has been steadily working on Plan for several years and is now poised to complete the document. It is hoped that the document will be completed by mid-2018.

All of the RiverCOG staff has a part in assisting the RPC with the Plan. Participants include Sam Gold, Jon Curtis, J. H. Torrance Downes, Rob Haramut, Rick Grant, Janice EhleMeyer, Dan Bouret, Nate Hougrand, Margot Burns, Paula Fernald, John McDonald and Judy Snyder.

The RPC reviews work done and makes decisions on elements of the Plan on the fourth Monday of every month.

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