Local Transportation Capital Improvement Program

The purpose of LOTCIP, the new Local Transportation Capital Improvement Program (LOTCIP), is to provide State monies to urbanized area municipal governments in lieu of Federal funds otherwise available through the Federal transportation legislation.

LOTCIP is provided for in Section 74 of Public Act 13-239 and was developed with substantially fewer constraints and requirements than currently exist when using Federal Title 23 USC funds. The Connecticut Department of Transportation envisions two main benefits to this proposal:

  1. The ability of municipalities to perform capital improvements with less burdensome requirements, i.e. do it their way; and
  2. Better utilization of State resources (staff) in the Federal-aid program on more regionally significant improvements on State owned facilities. The Federal monies typically used for improvements on municipal owned facilities in the Surface Transportation Program (STP) Urban program may be utilized by the Department for eligible activities predominantly on State owned assets.

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Important Documents

LOTCIP Project Solicitation Guidelines, 2016

LOTCIP Project Selection Process & Project Rating Criteria
February 26, 2016

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