Valley Railroad State Park Study

    Study Stakeholders
  • Town of Chester
  • Town of East Haddam
  • Town of Haddam
  • Town of Lyme
  • City of Middletown
  • Town of Portland
  • Advocates for a
    Maromas Plan
  • CT Forest & Park
  • CT River Coastal
    Conservation District
  • CT DEEP/Land Acquisition
  • CT DEEP/Parks
  • CT DOT
  • CT River Gateway Commission
  • CT River
    Watershed Council
  • CT River Expeditions
  • Friends of the CT River
  • Friends of CT State Parks
  • Higganum Vision Group
  • Jonah Center for
    Earth and Art
  • Middlesex
    Chamber of Commerce
  • Northeast Utilities
  • NPS Rivers, Trails and Conservation Assistance Program
  • Pratt and Whitney
  • Pro-Rail Trail Group
  • UCONN Extension Center
  • Valley Railroad Company

RiverCOG continues to work on a series of studies that will collect data on the costs, benefits, and feasibility of scenarios that concern the CT Valley Railroad State Park. RiverCOG was recently created from two former Regional Planning Agencies, and it will no doubt be faced with future requests for funding or political support. Data from the Valley Railroad State Park studies will allow RiverCOG to understand appropriate active and/or passive roles of the State Park for sustainable economic growth within the 17- town region.

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To date, RiverCOG has not published or written any plans, studies, or reports about the Valley Railroad or the State Park. Any material that references “RiverCOG” in the title or sets forth a position of RiverCOG is not official unless it has been adopted by the RiverCOG board and is posted on the RiverCOG website. Please refer to this website for accurate information regarding RiverCOG initiatives on this topic.

Meetings will continue to be scheduled to gather the many stakeholders interested in rail in the lower Connecticut River valley. Every effort is being made to identify ALL of the parties interested in having a say in this issue and make sure that all are invited to the meetings that will be held. If you do not see the name of your group in the box above left, please contact us at (860) 581-8554 or email Jeremy DeCarli so that we can be sure to include you in all communications regarding this ongoing effort!

The Conway School
Scenic Corridor Study

This study analyzed the regional and local context of the northern nine miles of the Valley Railroad corridor and the existing conditions along the corridor between Tylerville and Maromas. Approximately eight miles of this rail has not been used for train travel since 1968. This report provides conceptual designas and design guidelines for development of a multiuse trail along the corridor. The study is one of several commissioned by the RiverCOG to examine the role that this asset should play in regional planning efforts related to transportation, conservation, and economic development. The study was conducted by students Trevor Buckley and Christian Johnson of the Conway School of Landscape Design.

Tourism - Passenger - Freight Rail
Economic and Structural
Feasibility and Impacts Study

The study will incorporate an economic and structural feasibility analysis, a market study for existing and potential uses for the corridor, and a cost benefit analysis in context with other potential uses. The study will evaluate the relative benefits of the corridor within the regional and statewide freight and passenger transportation network. This study is being carried out by HDR Engineering Inc. from Boston. John Weston is acting as the Project Manager.

Follow this website for a schedule of additional public meetings concerning this study.

Final Report June 24, 2015 Meeting

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