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Regional Planning Organizations in the State of Connecticut may exist in three different forms, a Regional Planning Agency (RPA), a Council of Elected Officials (COE) or a Council of Governments (COG). CRERPA and Midstate, the predescessors to the RiverCOG, were formed over fifty years ago as Regional Planning Agencies. As such, their boards were comprised of two representatives from each member town, one appointed by the local Planning Commission and one appointed by the Board of Selectmen. The Council of Elected Officials and the Council of Governments, on the other hand, are represented by the member town's Chief Elected Official. As such, the RiverCOG is comprised of fourteen First Selectmen, two Mayors and one Chairman of Council. A map of the fourteen RPOs with links to their websites can be found on our Connecticut Regional Planning Organizations page.

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As the General Assembly develops legislation to reform the way regional government is conducted in Connecticut, the general feeling is that when the Chief Elected Officials sit at the table, discussions and decisions are being made by those elected by the citizens of the town rather than representatives of those elected officials. In addition, the General Assembly has intitiated incentives for switching to the COG form of council. As a result, when CRERPA and Midstate merged, the decision was made early on to form a Council of Governments rather than either an RPA or COE.

The RiverCOG board is comprised of the following members:

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