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Transportation planning is a dynamic process. The projects on roads, bridges, bikeways, rail stations and tracks, the transit buses, the repaving, or restriping roads, sidewalks, trails, and commuter lots are all a result of long range planning and coordination between our region, the State of Connecticut and the federal government. Beyond construction projects, the region looks for the best methodology in transportation to improve the quality of life for our residents. This includes: the environment, land use, the economy, safety, and civil rights. Your input into the transportation process is helpful and important to making sure our transportation system is working for you.

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RiverCOG’ s transportation planning board for the seventeen town region is the Metropolitan Planning Organization (RiverMPO). The MPO board is comprised of the 17 chief elected officials from the member towns, a member from the two transit districts, and a member of the Middlesex Chamber of Commerce. RiverMPO’ s planning program is funded by the Federal Highway Administration and the Federal Transit Administration through the Connecticut Department of Transportation and the Transportation Management Areas (TMA). RiverMPO participated in transportation planning for the federally recognized TMAs that intersect with our region. Our partner MPOs include South Central Regional Council of Governments and the Capitol Region Council of Governments. The MPO process is also supportive of both the goals and objectives of the federal transportation planning process and Connecticut’s Department of Transportation.

Toward that end, RiverMPO’ s meets monthly to discuss projects, programs, and provide an advisory and funding conduit for fiscally efficient transportation planning in the region. The board is supported by RiverCOG staff that manages the transportation planning program, various town and regional projects and encourages collaboration and outreach with the public. The RiverMPO board meets the 4th Wednesday of each month at 9:00AM. The RiverCOG board meets right after the MPO adjourns.

The MPO encourages public participation in the transportation planning process. Please visit one of the RiverMPO meetings or explore this website for information about our transportation program. Transportation planning is a complicated process. There are a lot of programs and acronyms to say the least. Should you have questions about a particular program or project, please contact the office at (860) 581-8554 or Rob Haramut, Senior Transportation Planner (Ext 708).

Another excellent website to share your ideas about transportation in Connecticut is the Connecticut Department of Transportation’s Transform Connecticut website. This is a fun interactive website to contribute ideas about transportation in Connecticut.

The following documents are pertinent to the COG's transportation program:

Important Documents

River MPO Map 21 Transportation Assets Inventory

Comparing Methodologies to Assess Transportation
and Air Quality Impacts of Brownfields and Infill Development

Final FHA Certification Review (CREMPO), 2013

2000 Urban Areas vs. 2010 Urban Areas, ConnDOT

CREMPO Merger Resolution

Designation of LCRVMP, Letter to Governor Malloy, March, 2013

MPO Merger Resolution, March, 2013

MPO Public Involvement Policy, 2015

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Essex, CT 06426
(860) 581-8554

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