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LCRVCOG’s twelve member professional staff serves as a resource for its member towns and can respond to a variety of requests in a broad range of areas. Smaller requests may be met at no additional charge to the member towns, while larger projects may require a negotiated agreement for contracted services at an additional fee. In addition, scheduling and staff assignment for larger projects is subject to the existing work program.

Each town has a unique character and sometimes unique needs. While the following list is a sample of services that may be available to towns, please call and ask about a project if you don’t see it listed. The "Staff" page of the RiverCOG website has more information on the knowledge base of LCRVCOG staff.

Type of Assistance

The program is adminstered by Senior Planner J. H. Torrance Downes, a twenty-year veteran of RiverCOG and its agency predescessor. The following list provides ideas of the type of ideas which could be contemplated:

  • Zoning Enforcement Assistance
  • Housing Studies, Affordable Housing
  • Assistance with regulation updates –
    zoning, subdivision, wetlands issues
  • Community Gardens
  • Harbor Management
  • Planner and ZEO Job Description, Salary Survey, Assistance with Recruiting
  • Village Districts, TOD, Design Review
    AICP Support for Village Districts
  • Multi-Town Project Coordination
  • Coastal Site Plan Reviews
  • Historical Research Assistance
  • Projects beyond time available to
    local land use officials
  • Service Delivery Questions
  • Infrastructure and Capital improvements planning
  • Representation at forums and workshops for subject matter expertise
  • Gateway Conservation Zone Assistance (eight Lower CT River towns)
  • Legislative Research
  • Survey/Questionnaires
  • Grant Writing Applications
  • Household Hazardous Waste, Waste Disposal and Recycling Education
  • Updates to Local POCDs
  • Geospatial Mapping (GIS)
  • Initial Utilities Liaison and Planning; Water-waste Systems, Power
  • Public Outreach Workshop Planning, Development and Assistance
  • Census Information and Research
  • Riparian corridor planning and
    preservation (lakes, streams, rivers)
  • Forestry Planning
  • Open Space Planning and Support
  • Economic Development Planning
    Project Support, Agriculture Industry and Planning
  • Special Area Planning Studies
  • Liason with State Agencies

Types of Transportation Assistance

RiverCOG's transportation assistance includes traffic counts, transportation planning (roads, buses, bicycles, pedestrians, rail), special studies, parking studies, congestion management, freight, access for disadvantaged populations, transit service liaison, special corridor studies, safe school access, data collection and research.

Submission of Assistance

Projects that are to be considered under this new program will need to be requested by filling out the informational form that can be accessed at the top of this page. The form can be filled out online and printed.

Scheduling of Assistance

Work requested will be considered based upon staff availability and scheduled accordingly. With the merger that resulted in the new 17-town RiverCOG, the region's work program is fairly full with most staffers assigned to the numerous projects and studies already undertaken on behalf of the seventeen member towns. Smaller projects that can be slotted into the work schedule and concluded in a reasonably short amount of time will be given higher priority. Longer term projects, including assistance with Plans of Conservation and Development, will be slotted into the overall RiverCOG work program. In those cases, longer term scheduling will likely be necessary.

145 Dennison Road
Essex, CT 06426
(860) 581-8554

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