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Planning for the region as a "space between the places" is an important job for RiverCOG council members and RiverCOG staff. Most of the Regional Planning Organizations in the State of Connecticut have been established around urban centers such as Hartford, New Haven, Bridgeport and New London. The importance of the RiverCOG region is that it was established with a center that is one of Connecticut's greatest environmental and economic resources - the lower Connecticut River.

As discussions about reorganization the Connecticut's RPOs in the General Assembly took shape over the past several years, there was great concern that both the former CRERPA and Midstate regions could be split up with towns west of the river being added to the Hartford and New Haven regions, and the towns east of the river going to the Hartford and New London regions. With that would have come the disappearance of our green "space" that the lower Connecticut River represents to everyone in the state. Our towns would have been outlying members of urban organizations with their interests perhaps less served. This, the town's CEOs found, was unacceptable.

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So, with the merger of CRERPA and Midstate and the formation of the RiverCOG comes the responsibility to plan for this "space between the places" so as to retain this character and build on the environmental and economic values that our region of Connecticut is so fortunate to enjoy. That planning will come in the form of the establishment of a new Regional Plan of Conservation and Development, which will be overseen by the Regional Planning Commiittee. The Regional Planning Committee is the region's planning body with members appointed by each of the 17 member towns. For a map of the fourteen RPOs with links to their websites, you can navigate to our Connecticut Regional Planning Organizations page.

Links to the varying organizations responsible for planning for the region and their activities can be found on the RiverCOG Partner's page. Questions can be sent to or you can call us at (860) 581-8554. We welcome you to express your thoughts, questions and concerns in order to help us development more thorough plans for the RiverCOG region.

Important Documents

OPM Status Report: Analysis of the Boundaries of the Local Planning Regions,
October 1, 2013

Connecticut's Regional Planning Organizations,
Legislative Program Review and Investigations Committee, 2007

CT State Plan of Conservation and Development, 2013 to 2018

Nutmeg Network Base Presentation, September, 2013

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