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Route 66 Project Description

The Route 66 Portland-East Hampton corridor study project builds upon a Corridor Improvement Plan prepared in August 1998 for the segment of State Route 66 that traverses through the towns of Portland and East Hampton, Connecticut.  The extensive update to the former 1998 corridor study intends in 1) expand upon and provide current data/assessment of traffic, safety, intersection, and infrastructure conditions along the corridor, 2) recommend strategies for improved safety, traffic calming and accident reduction in critical areas utilizing complete street, alternate design concepts, options for transit connections and improvements, 3) assess the impacts of current and future land use demands on the road network, safety of intermodal traffic, and future infrastructure improvements, 4) evaluate implementation and infrastructure improvements to incorporate safe bike and pedestrian routes along Route 66 and from the economic village centers to CT DEEP Airline Trail access points, and 5) assess current market conditions for future growth along the corridor and recommendations for adjoining land use for efficient demand management and a cohesive street aesthetic to create synergy, encourage economic investment and promote tourism in this section of the region.


RiverCOG Board Meeting 2020-05-27

Portland Board of Selectmen Meeting 2020-05-20

East Hampton Town Council Meeting 2020-05-12

Memos and Reports:

Route 66 Alternatives Analysis Technical Memo, January 22, 2020

Route 66 Future Condition Technical Memorandum (Draft), January 2019

Route 66 Existing Condition Report (Committee Draft, Text Only), August 2018


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